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Over the years we have had hundreds of questions about the issues of all weather and snow tires, where to put the tires if you only buy two, and why it it recommended that 4 snow tires are purchased and mounted at all four corners.

The video at the right can help explain what the reasoning is and how choosing the wrong combination can be dangerous....

If you have a front-wheel-drive car and put snow tires only on the front, the back wheels won't have as much grip as the front wheels. This will make the car much more likely to spin out while braking or cornering. Then, if you only put snow tires on the back wheels of a rear-wheel-drive car, the wheels that steer the car won't grip as well as the rear power wheels, causing the car not respond when will simply go straight ahead. Always install snow tires as a full set of four.


Warning About Flat Tire Repairs
February 4, 2011

We’ve been receiving reports of customers with flat tires calling for roadside assistance from their local automobile club. When the service technician arrives, he/she offers, for a nominal additional fee, to “repair” the tire while it’s still on the car. With consent, the technician then installs a tire “plug” and your off and on your way. According to the Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA) installing a ”plug” in this manner is not a proper, safe repair. A tire MUST be removed from the wheel and inspected for INTERNAL damage that can lead to a dangerous catastrophic tire failure.

Here’s the link to the RMA bulletin:

So if your local auto club offers to save you time please realize they’re trying to save themselves the cost of installing the spare while jeopordizing the safety of you and your family.



Rodent Damage = Expensive Repair
Cold this winter? You’re not the only one!

You might be surprised to learn that during these winter months you may have some furry little visitors living under your hood. The warm dark recesses of your car’s engine compartment is an ideal nesting area for rodents. Mice can and will chew through the wiring under your hood leaving you with an expensive repair bill.

One customer complained of a check engine light and a rough running engine. Upon investigation we found a mouse had chewed through the wiring for his fuel injectors.

Another mouse got into a blower motor where he expired. Every time the heater fan was turned on, it made a loud vibration noise. Some signs you might want to look for under your hood include deposits of bird seed, nests made of string, twigs, insulation, fabric and what looks like dryer lint, or funny noises when you turn on your heater.


 If you’re at all suspicious, give us a call & we’ll be glad to take a look and remove it if necessary.


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